I know myself to enjoy writing as a hobby. I see writing as a fun art that lets me express my creative and logical sides. Interestingly, however, I did not always love writing as I do now. For a good deal of my life, I actually hated writing, in spite of my oceans of creativity as a kid. Back then, I used to love subjects such as science and math, as they typically clicked with me rather seamlessly. They still do to an extent, and I currently have a job as a math tutor due to my love for math and desire to help others while improving my own interpersonal skills. The real irony of this story comes from the fact that my creative thinking made me better at math than at writing courses, which I now noticed were usually so structured that the creative energy usually associated with writing in general is of little use. While I will admit that the skills learned in such classes can be useful, they certainly are not necessary, especially considering the style of writing that I usually use. The enforcement of such structured styles were what kept me away from writing for a long while. Getting into detail with that, however, would be more a rant on the education system, which, as anybody should know, can be described by words that I would rather not use. That, however, is a rant for later. In any case, I just thought that I could use my writing skills to talk about my love for using said skills and my hopes to hone them through a medium that I imagine would seem far more natural and better suited for me as an individual who enjoys applying my knowledge and skills. Of course, I value the feedback and comments of my respected readers, so please feel free to let me know what you like. With that, I thank you for your time. Have an excellent day.