Each new generation of Pokémon titles brings with it new mechanics and features, and the upcoming titles, set to release late this year, have many fans excited and hopeful for what new innovations GameFreak will add to the table. While many fans have already voiced features that they want to see for the upcoming Pokémon games, I thought that I'd voice my own opinion on the matter. Note that this list is in no particular order. Also, please note that these are features that should be included in my opinion, so don’t be disappointed if I included something that you don’t want or didn’t include something that you do want.

Custom Battle Scenery

Free-For-All Battles

One of the weird things about Pokémon games is that you can nickname a Pokémon as soon as you receive or catch one (except event Pokémon, but I already covered that), but if you want to change anyone’s nicknames again, you need the help of a stranger. How does that make any sense? Seriously, how? Considering that we’re a team throughout this journey, having to consult a stranger to change something as basic as this seems utterly ridiculous. I don’t know what I have to say beyond this. It just seems like such a basic feature to include.

While I guess I could understand why we can't nickname traded Pokémon (though still think that we should), I feel that event Pokémon are different, and should be nicknamed for the same reason that we can nickname set encounters, such as legendaries. The concept of being able to nickname Pokémon gotten from in-game events, such as starters or legendary encounters is to be expected given that we can nickname any Pokémon that we can catch. In short, it feels ridiculous that Pokémon that we can get from in-game are ok to nickname, but not Pokémon that are given to us. They would be no less our partners than those that we catch, especially those that we’re practically given because we have to catch, such as Xerneas, Yveltal, Latias, Latios, or Mega Rayquaza, depending on which game is being played.

Return of Trainer Customization

Nicknaming Event Pokémon

This may be somewhat of a far stretch, seeing as in every main-series game so far, you grow to become a champion and fight an evil team along the way. While the evil teams are all unique and bring their own things to the table, I feel as though the story would be far more interesting if it could go in more than one direction. Many games have implemented alternate story paths, including the critically acclaimed Undertale, which remains one of my favorite games of all time. That aside, it would really make the storyline far more immersive and interesting if we weren’t following the only predestined path in the game. I know that not all of the games have this issue to the same extent, though I want to see something completely new in terms of how you go about defeating the opposing team. One example, granted a cheesy one that probably won’t make it in any mainstream games though should still illustrate my point, would be, depending on the course of actions and dialogue that you take, you could either just defeat the evil team but still have them angry at you or show them that they don’t have to be part of this organization and have them befriend you while joining the force of good. You could still battle them as many times as you want, though they would be friendly battles for some in-game fun. I know that this sounds a bit Farfetch’d (couldn’t help myself), but I’m nowhere near as good as writing this kind of stuff as the people who get paid to do this. In short, I want a game where your actions have an impact on how the story goes.

Fixing HMs

Being Able to Change a Pokémon's Nickname at All Times

A New Battle Frontier

Showing Stat Modifiers, Conditions, etc...

10 New Features/Improvements for Pokémon Sun and Moon

Here’s a really commonly addressed issue, and a solution. I don’t think I need to state why having to waste a few move slots or a party slot just to progress through the game is not exactly what the fans want. There are many solutions to this, including items that replace HMs like the Eon Flute that replaced Fly in ORAS, limiting HM-only areas to sidetracking and exploration, or being able to forget HMs naturally when you are in an area that you don’t need them, such as being able to forget Surf and Dive when you’re on the mainland. GameFreak, you’re creative, so you pick how you want to implement any of these ideas.

When Pokémon X and Y were released, many people were delighted to know that they could design their own look as opposed to just choosing male or female. While it was fairly limited, it still provided many options with changing the look by means of different cuts, skin colors and clothing. This was a huge hit with the Pokémon community as trainers could explore a wide variety of looks. Unfortunately, this caused great disappointment when Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were released without this feature. Since then, trainers, including myself, have been asking for this feature to return with the next main series games.

A Non-Linear Story

Yet another feature that is already implemented in Showdown is the fact that you can see at a glance which Pokémon has which stat modifiers. For example, if my Pokémon is intimidated, Showdown would show me that I have reduced Attack, or so on. I tend to forget things somewhat easily, if my attention span even lets me notice it, so this feature helps me keep track of the battle a lot better. I know that Showdown has a lot of other features that I’d like to list here, such as showing conditions, hovering the mouse over a Pokémon to see things such as which moves they used and their possible Speed stats, and even a log tracking everything that happened in the battle, so this entry in my list basically encompasses all of that.

Multiple Difficulties

I mainly got this idea from seeing so many free-for-all battles on YouTube that they may as well include it in the main games. I feel as though this may be an interesting feature to include in the main storyline, though I could understand if they don’t include it there. The main differences between this and multi battles would be that multi-target moves, such as Blizzard and Rock Slide, would hit all three opponents, and victory would only be counted after only one trainer remains. In addition, they could have each trainer bring up to 6 Pokémon, as nobody will be teamed up with anyone, though I would imagine that they not do this because battles would take a little too long in this situation.

A lot of people give Generation 6 a lot of flak for being way too easy, and while I would like to have seen more challenge, I understand why GameFreak did this. My solution isn’t just to make the games more challenging, as many people go through the Pokémon games for the sake of exploration and don’t care for challenging battles, and some people hate having to go through challenging battles to progress with the main story, though the option to choose a difficulty before playing would satisfy everyone. While I am aware that Black 2 and White 2 implemented this feature, you had to defeat the game on normal difficulty in order to unlock another difficulty, and even then, you were not granted both easy and hard on both games. However, I feel as though having to go through a game on a difficulty that you don’t want to just to get the difficulty that you do seems really much like a bad idea. Many of us like cruising along through these games, and many of us like to endure the challenges of facing opponents with higher levels and harder-to-catch wild Pokémon.

The graphics introduced in the Generation 6 games are amazing, and for multiple reasons. One of those reasons is that the battle scene is more than just a background; it now looks like we are actually battling in a desert or a grassy field or in a cave or wherever. Why, then, can we not choose anything but a weird blue and green stadium for battles with other trainers? There are three main reasons that I want this feature. First off, that blue and green stadium looks really boring and off after seeing literally every competitive take place there this generation. Even Pokémon Showdown changes things up. I am frankly sick and tired of that battle location because it’s the only option, and I’m sure that many others are as well. Secondly, I often try battling with certain theme teams or monotype teams, and feel as though the battle would look better in a more suitable location, such as a desert for a mono-ground team or a forest for a mono-grass or mono-bug team. Third, this would make battles more interesting to watch, since many Pokétubers mainly have successful channels because of the battles that they upload. This would not be hard to implement, as the battle scenes provided in X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire are already varied and beautiful, and they’re already in the game. Please GameFreak, let this happen. I see no reason why this should be even remotely difficult to implement.

Back in the Pokémon Emerald and Generation 4 post-games, the Battle Frontier was one of the most amazing features of those games because it provide unique and innovative challenges and kept people hooked for so long. The Battle Frontiers really showed just how creative and innovative GameFreak can be with their battle mechanics, and I’m sure that they could come up with even more creative systems. Granted, so many fans were expecting the Battle Frontier from Emerald to return to Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and yet we got the Hax Maison straight from X and Y instead, thereby causing mass disappointment. An all-new battle frontier would be an excellent way to remedy this. I may be setting my hopes too high here, but I still hope that this happens.