From time to time, I feel a strong passion or desire to start a discussion about a certain topic or issue that is happening in my life and affecting me directly or in the world around me. I have a natural tendency to keep overthinking about certain issues and events. I thus stumbled upon the realization that I could use my website and channel to take advantage of this overthinking and, by writing my thoughts down and sharing them with the world, I feel that I could use this natural tendency to improve my train of thought and ability to communicate my thoughts. In addition, I found that writing is actually quite enjoyable when I feel ideas flow from my mind to the keyboard, so why not show my love for writing in this site? It only seems fitting.

At the moment, I have but one rant/discussion article on this site, and incidentally, that article would be about writing, of all subjects. A link to said article is here.

Rants and Discussions