#1) Crobat

My Top 6 Favorite Poison-Type Pokémon

The main reason for me liking Crobat is that he is, in many ways, a huge improvement over Zubat and Golbat, and caught me by surprise after evolving in Pokémon Leaf Green. It was a great occurrence, considering that the first time I saw Zubat, I thought it was going to be an awesome Pokémon with an awesome evolution. Unfortunately, the hundreds of Zubats that I found after that encounter, and the awkward design of its evolved form Golbat, did disappoint a little. I kept Golbat in my party, mainly because I don't really like changing my party when I already have an established party, but it still felt really awkward. The sudden transformation at level 64 really came to me as a pleasant surprise that I remember fondly to this day. Ever since, I would always catch myself a Zubat whenever I find one in my runs (which usually happens at the first step in any cave) and enjoy being its friend and letting it evolve into a fitting evolution. Plus, I really love how your rival in the Generation 2 games has this evolutionary line, and a Crobat when you fight him for the last time, to show that he learned to love his own Pokémon throughout his journey. Being able to see not only yourself growing as a trainer but also your rival really improves the experience. This is one reason why I love the second generation as a whole.

#5) Dragalge

#2) Garbodor

This beast is arguably the best design to come from the first generation of Pokémon, sharing elements from various sources and sporting an overall powerful and predatorial appearance. According to the Pokédex, Nidoking is no less ferocious than he appears, so his intimidating demeanor is just a warning sign. The beauty of it, however, is that they didn't specifically focus on making this thing look like a frightening predator; he seems to sport this demeanor naturally, which makes his design that much more solid.

Ah yes, the Poison type. Known for being more of a technique-based and not a straight-up offensive type, the Poison type represents both naturally-occurring venom and poison that help animals in debilitating offense and self-defense, and man-made pollutants that seep into the environment. Because of this, there is a great variety within the scope of this typing, and I will be looking at that to describe my top 6 favorite Poison-type Pokémon, as well as why I chose for them to be on this list. Please note that this list is my opinion, though.

Wait! Don't go! Come back... well, this is awkward. After all, why would I rank one of the most hated Pokémon as number 2 on this list? Am I mentally insane? Well, maybe, but there are legitimately good reasons for choosing this guy so high on this list. For one thing, while I won't say that this guy has the best design, I still think his design is pretty creative. It's just based off of something that we humans find to be disgusting, so making a design that fans would enjoy is pretty challenging given these circumstances. I honestly feel bad that Garbodor gets so much flak for this. Anyhow, while I do find this guy's design creative, there are two main reasons for which I put him on this list. The first one is that, during a run of Pokémon Black, I initially got Garbodor on my team for a joke thing with some of my friends. However, to my surprise, she put in work during this run, so I grew to appreciate her. I realized that, because she was able to surprise me with an important role, she was far more than garbage, and deserves far more love. The second one is that Garbodor actually collects garbage for its own consumption, so it helps maintain cleanliness as part of what it does. It's a dirty job, but Garbodor does it with no problems.

With Dragalge, I feel as though they really executed well the idea of a sea dragon, a majestic and mystic animal without overdesigning it. This design is simple by no means. In fact, this seems to me much like a reminder that the animals that inspire these Pokémon are majestic wonders of the real world. Also, this design really suits the Poison and Dragon types in a clever and creative way. What I would expect from this dual type would not be near the brilliance of this design.

This design is simple, yet effective. I don't quite know what it is about its design, considering how similar it is to typical blob monsters, but it has its own unique thing that sets it apart, design-wise. It certainly isn't the best design, however, as we will see with the five entries above Muk. What really convinced me to put Muk on the list is Ash's Muk from the animé. I just really found it humorous how Muk would try to hug people, as well as its role in Ash's team.

#3) Toxicroak

#6) Muk

This thing take the concept of poison dart frogs and pushes it to the extreme. I seem to be a sucker for cool designs, and so Toxicroak just had to make it on this list. This design is a well-executed combination of slick, tough, and villainous, like some sort of assassin who could just impale those red spikes on its hands and succeed just at that. Why did you think those were red, anyhow? Much like how many frogs have bright colors to warn others about how deadly their poisons can be, Toxicroak has this entire design, so if you see this living warning sign, you'd better say your last words.

#4) Nidoking