This is yet another design that I absolutely love. Being the collection of 108 spirits, Spiritomb looks amazing while avoiding much of the controversy that could arise from the fact that it represents the souls of dead beings. I love how it looks like a galaxy with souls instead of stars. In addition, a really nice touch with Spiritomb is its relation to the number 108. Spiritomb, a collection of 108 spirits, is number 108 in the Sinnoh Pokédex, weighs 108 kilograms, and has a base defense and base special defense stat of 108. I know this sounds very nerdy, but I love these kinds of numerical patterns, and seeing how Pokémon implemented this in Spiritomb blew my mind when I first found this out.

#6.) Shedinja

#4) Spiritomb

The idea of haunting inanimate objects has always fascinated me, but the idea of a chandelier works so well for so many reasons. Unlike chandeliers in real life, Chandelure is not overly complicated in design, and that is just one reason why it's such a beautiful design. It's simple to follow, though still has a good amount of detail put into it. In addition, the color scheme does so well to show the ghostly aspect to this thing, with the flames looking more like Will-o'-the-Wisps than actual light-producing flames, effectively making it look like a brilliant fusion between the Ghost type and the Fire type, while representing both fantastically.

#5) Gourgeist

The idea behind the evolution of many Bug types is a classic example of metamorphosis that many of us learn in elementary: a tiny larva makes itself a cocoon, then becomes a fully grown insect. The idea behind Shedinja, however, is one of the most creative that I have seen in Pokémon. Rather than Nincada's old exuvia shedding away and no longer being a part of it as it becomes a Ninjask, this exuvia becomes its own entity. It's also said that Shedinja eats the souls of anyone who looks in the hole in its backside, so you would literally have to sell your soul to a Shedinja if you wish to train it. Unfortunately, as Shedinja is the lifeless remains from the evolution from Nincada to Ninjask, it only has 1 HP ever, and even with the otherwise overpowered Wonder Guard ability, Shedinja is extremely difficult to use because of how frail it is.

My Top 6 Favorite Ghost-Type Pokémon

While many Ghost-type Pokémon naturally exude a spooky demeanor that you'd expect to see on Halloween, Gourgeist looks like it was designed for Halloween, from the candle shooting out of a Jack-o-Lantern design, to its signature move being called Trick or Treat. Its design looks like a weird combination of cute and creepy, and frankly, I like it.

#2) Chandelure

Ghost types are generally known for not only scaring people to death, but also connecting directly with their spirits once they do. Consider it cool or creepy, but the Ghost type is certainly one of the most intriguing and            mysterious. Here are my top 6 favorite Ghost-type           Pokémon and my reasons behind my choicess.

With all due respect to Gengar, I honestly prefer Haunter's design, as it encapsulates both a humorous design and a creepy design better. I honestly feel like Haunter's weird body structure (or lack thereof) makes him look a lot more ghost-like than Gengar. In addition, Haunter's first appearance in the animé was truly hilarious, and I found it great that, by being hilarious, Haunter brought happiness back into Sabrina's life after she was this powerful maniac. Also, playing through Pokémon Leaf Green, I had much more fun with Haunter as I needed to trade in order for it to evolve into a Gengar, which wasn't always possible. Granted, Mega Gengar trumps both Haunter and normal Gengar in both design and competitive use, though I still find Haunter to be the more comical design, and choose therefore to put it in the #1 spot here.

#1) Haunter

Honestly, whenever I read Yamask's Pokédex entry stating that the mask it carries is its face back when it was a human, a few tears come to my eyes. It really is almost disturbing to think that Yamask is a dead human's soul that misses its life so much that it never lets go of its face. GameFreak made a bold move with this Pokémon's backstory, though I believe that it paid off, even with the controversy that comes with it. Its visual design is simple, sure, but its backstory is what makes it special.

#3) Yamask