Like many, I fell in love with Lucario when I first saw it evolve from its cute pre-evolution, Riolu. Few Pokémon can pull an evolution off as well as Lucario, so seeing this combination of majestic, mystic, and powerful. I think power when I see this guy, mainly because of his sheer resemblance to the ancient Egyptian deity Anubis. He looks like he contains a lot of power, yet is able to control all of it, and again, the various design elements combine really well to make overall a majestic, dark, and collected Pokémon that should be considered a legendary (especially since Phione was introduced as an actual legendary in the same generation for some reason). In addition, his mega evolution amplifies these design elements while adding a superhero-esque element to it. My one real gripe, though, is his type. While I don't find any particular fault with the partial Steel typing, as Lucario does deserve the typing, I feel as though Psychic or Dark would have been better options for a secondary type. In any case, Lucario earned his spot on this list, which, with a lot of competition, is quite the achievement.

Deciding whether or not to put Pangoro or Lucario was a challenge, though I ultimately decided with Pangoro for multiple reasons. While I did make it crystal clear that I am a fan of Lucario's majestic design, I am also a huge fan of  Pangoro's design. I feel as though it combines the simplicity of designs from earlier generations with the style of Generation 6, even more so than Hawlucha (whom I seriously considered putting on this list). Also, we finally have a panda Pokemon that doesn't look like a derpy mess but instead an intimidating beast. The main reason, however, that I chose Pangoro in the end to occupy the #1 spot is the fact that I caught Pangoro early on in my run of Pokémon X. I really loved catching the cute yet still tough Pancham, who I instantly nicknamed Pandamonium. I really enjoyed having him on my team, not just because he helped out in the battles (he didn't do that all that much, unfortunately), but because I enjoyed the variety in designs. He just seems to be a nice addition to my team aesthetically, which I really find important during my Pokémon journeys. While I am aware that Lucario was given to me during that same journey, I didn't end up using him as much, probably because my team at the time felt complete enough as it is at the time If I had put the time into putting Lucario as a member of my main team, however, he would take this spot, but Pangoro earned this spot in my heart.

My Top 6 Favorite Fighting-Type Pokémon

#5) Primeape

#1) Pangoro

#2) Lucario

Ever since I was a young kid, I saw Machamp as this kind of superhero-esque fighter that not only fights for you, but fights alongside you. This guy has what I consider to be a solid design, a design so solid that he needs four muscular arms just to contain the Macho! His design is simple yet powerful. They didn't miss the mark by a millimeter , though they couldn't miss if they tried thanks to No Guard. Speaking of No Guard, this ability is practically why it's known in the competitive scene, being able to fire off Dynamic Punches without missing, and potentially troll Fissures if they could be transferred with the No Guard ability to Pokémon Sun and Moon. I eagerly await the day when this crusher gets the ability to drop its foes straight to the middle of the planet without missing.

There are many reasons for my love for this angry furball. For starters, this simple design really fits the theme of this thing being nothing but angry, and willing to unleash its anger on anything that crosses its path. Just looking at it sends chills down my spine, but makes me thankful that I still have one. In addition, like Hariyama, this thing is a real physical powerhouse that's as ready as it looks to beat anybody to a pulp. Any Pokémon that can intimidate me to the extent of Primeape as a child and leave a lasting mark deserves a spot on this list.

#3) Tyrogue

#4) Machamp

#6.) Hariyama

The main reason that I love Hariyama is because of having him on my team back in Pokémon Emerald, and again in Alpha Sapphire. When I first saw this thing as a Makuhita, I thought that he looked really fun and happy, and so I obviously caught this guy. While he doesn’t quite get better looking as a Hariyama, he does get better, and was an essential member for my team in both games. Plus, in competitive battling, this pile of muscle (yes, according to the Pokédex, that isn’t fat, that’s pure muscle) can hit really hard in the NU tier, at least back when I was more into competitive battling.

This young lad made the list because I mainly love not only how his design shows him as literally born ready to take on the world, but because he has the potential to profess in a wide variety of martial arts, and looks ready to excel in almost any form of combat. While I do love all three of his evolved forms, I pick the link that connects them together, and the link that connected Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan back when they were simply counterparts in the first generation. In addition, he reminds me of back when I used to take karate as a kid. I really should get back to getting that level of activity in my life, considering that I was originally interested in karate because of video games that featured fighters pulling these amazing moves and wanting to be like that when I do eventually grow up. I honestly still want that, and don't know why I don't keep it up.

Fighting-type Pokémon, much like martial artists and fighters in the real world, often tend to show a balance between brute force and elegant technique, as it takes not only great strength to excel in combat, but also control of that strength. I always found it interesting that, in a series centered around creatures fighting each other, they introduced a type specifically about the art of fighting. For this list, I will be counting down my top 6 favorite Fighting-type Pokémon, as well as why I like them.