Welcome back! This is Youcef once again, and for this one, I thought that I would join the My Pokémon Team tag. I was not particularly tagged by anyone. Rather, I chose to do this video for the fun of it, and since I now have time to write a page. Plus, since many other Pokémon trainers are doing this, I figured that it would be nice to join in on this trend.

There are three questions to this tag:
1. What would my trainer class be?
2. How many Pokémon would I have and why did I choose the number of Pokémon that I chose?
3. Which Pokémon are on my team and why did I choose those Pokémon?

To begin, if I were to fall into an existing trainer class, that would probably be Roller Skater. For years, I have enjoyed
skating as a hobby and a form of exercise, as maintaining balance while going at high speeds while avoiding other skaters is a challenge that I thoroughly enjoy, as it is fast-paced and rewarding.

As for the number of Pokémon in my team, it would be either four or six, depending on the situation and reasoning. I would probably choose four Pokémon to go with my four mascots, or I would choose six, since I chose to make my favorite Pokémon of each type series include six Pokémon to make a full team. Granted, this means that I would have two different teams, but this is my decision, so I allow it. Also as a disclaimer, I did not actually try these teams to see how they work. I admittedly just found sets that I thought would put up a fight. Please do not roast me for my teambuilding skills. In any case, here are the two teams that I chose, in a modified version of the trainer tables found on Poképédia

My Pokémon Team

The trainer image that I chose was made with an avatar maker that came with my laptop. I thought that this result looks like me for the most part.

As for who I would tag, I choose to tag David G. Burns, the main designer of my site art. Also, I would like to tag TheSupremeRK9s, Pimpnite, and The Pokémon Professor, some of my favorite PokéTubers who have not already done it. Other than that, I welcome anyone to try this.