My Pokémon Gym

My gym badge would probably resemble the Blaziken footprint that is in my icon and background.

While I feel that many different designs would suit me, I ultimately decided on a jungle gym looking like a construction highrise. As such, you would not have to enter a building to get to my gym, as this building was never actually finished, but instead, you'd go to the part of the city where the gym is supposed to be and that construction site would be the gym. The main gimmick with this design is that you would have to walk on girders and climb ladders to move around, making it like a 3-dimensional maze. While this design was probably used in games before, I came up with this idea myself, though it is rather easy to come up with. Various trainers around the gym would control switches that change the position of certain girders and ladders, and you would have to obviously beat them to have these trainers move them around to make a path to move around the gym. To add a bit of challenge, you would have to do a little backtracking and not just following a set path forward, and you don't have to have every trainer change the positions of their girders and ladders to reach me at the top. Once there, you would fight me, and then you would leave the gym by riding a slide that I have installed on my platform to the entrance.

As for the story behind this gym being an incomplete building, I would say that I originally wanted a complete building with complex designs to be in my gym, though due to time constraints, funding issues, and other grown-up things, we couldn't get past the stage that the gym is in before I needed to have a gym ready, and so I improvised to make this gym instead.

A trend that I've seen quite a lot on YouTube is people describing how they would design and operate their own gyms, and I thought that I too would like to give my creative input in this matter.

Again, it took a bit of consideration, since before I even made this site, though I ultimately decided on the Fighting type for similar reasons to why I chose the name of this site to be High Jump Kick. I feel as though this type suits me and my gym design the most. Throughout the gym, trainers would include many various Fighting types, obviously, though other Pokémon that suit the construction theme, such as the Magnezone line, the Ampharos line, and the Watchog line, for example.

As for my own team, I cover that with the My Pokémon Team tag submission, which can be found here.

And that's what I have in mind. What do you think of my ideas? Please feel free to share your feedback and suggestions.