Raticate's simple design, while not too visually appealing as it is, has much room for improvement, and can really take on a large number of potential designs. I feel as though making it more menacing while keeping the simplicity is the way to go, though even then, the possibilities are endless. I'd mainly want its fangs to grow and look more like blades that can tear through anything. This would represent an increased attack stat. Its body structure could also use some improvement. I could mainly envision empasized muscles around its legs, which would correspond to an increased Speed stat and possibly a slight buff to its defenses. I feel as though no further changes would need to happen so as not to bring a drastically different design to what we have now. I don't have a good image to show right now outlining my design choices, though I may put one in the future.

Here, we see something similar to Butterfree, in that those stats are poor on their own. Its Attack stat may seem mediocre, though given that this guy gets the Guts ability and STAB Façade, it can actually put some work in while playing in the PU tier... yeah, that is still not very impressive. The first buff that I would give this thing is a buff to its Speed stat. Even giving it only 15 points to that stat, it would have a Speed stat of 112, which narrowly outspeeds base-110 Speed Pokémon. This extra speed is essential for Raticate to play the sweeper role. More important, though, is its attack stat. It currently lies at 81, which hits fairly hard, but not at all a respectable amount. I could see it gaining at least 30 points to give it a clean 111 stat in Attack, though without the ability to hold a Toxic Orb or Flame Orb to activate its Guts, it needs even more. I would put 40 to bring it to a good 121. This, coupled with no held item, is a good, but not overpowered, position. Plus, even if we were to invest the other 45 points in its squishy defenses, they would still not pair well enough with its also sub-par HP to make it tanky. I mean, it could live a couple attacks or something, but it still would not be meant to take serious hits. Overall, I think that this is one of the most fair stat distribution patterns that makes Mega Raticate powerful while not ripping Mega Beedrill off, as tempted as I am to just do that.

Looking at its three current abilities, Mega Raticate could have Guts, Hustle or Run Away. That last one is completely useless, so I won't even be considering it. Also, while Guts is Raticate's main saving grace, it wouldn't work as well on a Mega, as it needs to be poisoned or burned from another Pokémon and not its own held item. Hustle would be a good ability, as it increases Raticate's new attack stat even further, though balances it out with reduced accuracy. If I had to pick from one of these three abilities, Hustle would be the one.

In addition, I could imagine a few other options suiting its design. As I mentioned earlier that I want to make Raticate scarier when it mega evolved, I could envision it having the Intimidate ability, and, if we invested most of the 45 base points from earlier in physical Defense, it could have some walling capacity. In addition, I could see the Moxie ability being really useful, giving Mega Raticate the extra umph that it needs to rise to the level of some of its fellow Megas. Finally, I could envision the abilities Sheer Force or Expert's Edge (a made-up ability that I discuss in another article) would be suitable for this Mega

And these are the ideas that I have for Mega Raticate. What do you guys think? Feel free to let me know, and feel free to give me feedback. Thank you and have an awesome day!



Visual Design

For a long while, Raticate has been one of my favorite Pokémon. Nowadays, however, I feel as though Raticate doesn't shine as bright as it should, and that a Mega Evolution is what it needs to make its way back in the limelight.

My Ideas for Designing Mega Raticate

Raticate doesn't need to change types with its Mega Evolution. However, if it were to get a new type, I could see it getting any one of a large variety of types, though admittedly, they're all pretty far stretches. I could see the Dark typing on Mega Raticate as a suitable option, as people who don't see rats as cute little rodents see then as terrifying bringers of disease and property damage, and it's clear that Raticate's designers weren't going for the cute side of rats. In addition, since rats often spread diseases, the Bug or Poison type is also a potential candidate. Other than that, I don't really see any particular type additions suitable.