While this may be a really dull name, the main inspiration behind this ability is that many real-life animals naturally regenerate ill or missing body parts over time through various means, and this ability seems like a great way to incorporate that in a Pokémon's design along with Regenerator. This ability can be seen as similar to items such as Leftovers and Black Sludge, or the moves Ingrain or Aqua Ring. Basically, at the end of every turn, this ability heals a small amount of health back. This ability won't heal too much back, so that it wouldn't be overpowered, though it should still heal back a good amount so that it would give Pokémon that need it some extra staying power.. Admittedly, by nature, this ability can easily be seen as overpowered, but the same can be said about so many other abilities that aren't considered so because the Pokémon that have them aren't too comparatively strong competitively.

Expert's Edge

This is actually a category of various abilities that add a small chance of a secondary effect to moves that don't already have one. For example, a new Electric type can get an ability in this category that adds a small chance to paralyze the target(s) to a move that doesn't already have a secondary effect, or a Poison type getting an ability that adds a small chance to poison the enemy. This is actually similar to an already existing ability, Stench, that adds a small chance to flinch to moves that don'r already have a chance to flinch. However, that ability only works with physical moves, and the abilities that I have in mind would work on physical or special moves. They may seem a bit overpowered given that any offensive move can now have a secondary effect, though I have seen enough overpowered abilities on Pokémon that depend on them to justify this on a Pokémon that isn't already powerful without it.

This ability increases evasion by a slight amount. The main basis behind this ability is watching how, in the animé, Pokémon seem to be able to dodge moves that are 100% accuracy, or even perfect accuracy, in the games. In addition, when I saw Greninja's design, I thought that they may take this possibility for a hidden ability. Some may argue that this ability is overpowered, though it could be limited to a few Pokémon that don't have the best stats to balance it out. Plus, the evasion boost would be slight, so as not to get to frustrating levels, and it would be countered by perfect accuracy moves such as Shock Wave and Aura Sphere, or abilities such as Keen Eye, Compound Eyes, Mold Breaker, and No Guard would obviate Celerity.

Secondary Effect Adders

Slow Regeneration

Since the third generation, Pokémon, aside from having their own types, stats, and moves, gained a new mechanic known as abilities, which are attributes that further serve to diversify them and make the competitive scene more interesting. With every generation since, GameFreak has been able to show more creativity in what they can do with their abilities. I have my own ideas that I would like to share, along with some made-up (though not very well) names for them.


Reduction Share

While this and Slow Regeneration may be two names of which I am far from proud, the idea behind it seems really interesting. If any Pokémon lowers any stats of a Pokémon with this ability, they too lose the same stats. For example, if a Pokémon with Intimidate intimidates this Pokémon, that Pokémon will lose attack as well, or if a Pokémon uses Mud-Slap on this Pokémon to lower its accuracy, the user will also lose some accuracy. I envision this ability directly sharing the loss, so it would ignore other abilities such as Contrary, Clear Body, or Simple. I want this ability to be balanced, since both Pokémon lose stats. I would also envision this ability triggering other abilities such as Defiant and Competitive.

And these are my ideas. What do you guys think? I'd be interested to know what you think of my ideas, as well as what ideas you guys have. Please feel free to share your ideas and feedback.

Five Potential New Pokémon Abilities

This ability is based off of an item called the Expert Belt, which increases the power of super effective hits dealt by the Pokémon holding it by 20%. This ability would have the same effect, though potentially boosting moves by a different amount. This ability would be useful for Pokémon with a wide movepool, though would not be overpowered due to the relatively low boost in damage and the fact that one can't always find a super effective hit, even with a wide movepool.